I mentioned in my first post introducing Luna that she did need some small things to be ready to go. Here’s what I had to do.

Replaced Battery: Luna’s battery hadn’t been replaced since Chance bought her about 7? years ago. It just wasn’t up to the task of starting Luna every day. To make sure it was just the battery that was the issue, I put in a known good battery from Black Betty for a few days and she was fine. After that, I went to AutoZone and got a new battery. Easy!

New Tires: All four of Luna’s tires were very worn, and starting to dry rot. I knew that not only would this not pass PA state inspection, it was also not safe. To drive on for long. I ordered some 215/45/17 Federal SS-595* tires from Amazon and had the shop put them on when I dropped her off for PA State Inspection. They are a pretty low end tire, but they’ll do for now as I’m not planning to do any performance or snow driving in Luna for a while. They do look pretty aggressive though!

A/C Service: The A/C in Luna just wasn’t blowing cold when I got her. I tried hooking up one of the recharge cans you can get from the store since I had one, but she was too low for that. When I dropped her off at Car Care Complete for tires and the state inspection I have them do an A/C Service as well. Now the A/C blows cold, and because they use a special die when they do the service, if she ever has an A/C leak in the future, it will be easy to spot!

State Inspection: In Pennsylvania we have to have our cars go through a safety inspection each year. Luna was past due, but I had 10 days from the title transfer to get it done. Car Care Complete took care of this for me, and she passed just fine!

Now she’s running great, fully legal, and has Ice Cold A/C. Just what I needed!

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