Introducing Luna!

I picked up Luna towards the start of August this year, but I’ve known this car for a long time. Before me, Luna was owned by my good friend Chance. This was Chance’s first BMW, and she got a lot of love from him. As time went on, Chance moved on to faster, and shinier BMWs, and Luna just wasn’t getting the love she deserved. Chance had actually been trying to sell her to me for a few months, but at the time it didn’t make sense. Until it did.

Here is a picture of Luna from about 5 years ago beside Black Betty.

Early in August I had been having issues with the Miata getting too hot. It seemed like such a simple fix, but for some reason, nothing seemed to work. I had just sold my Cummins, as myself and my wife are currently looking for a house and wanted to free up some cash, but with the Miata having issues, and Black Betty not having A/C, I needed another backup car. So I called up Chance and asked if he still wanted to sell her to me. He did.

Luna, home in my garage.

So now she’s mine! She had been sitting for about 7 months, so she needed a couple small things, but now she’s up and running and makes for a great daily driver.

Luna is a 1999 BMW 323i. She’s an automatic, but just for now. I’ll go into details about my game plan for her in another post.