Here you can keep track of each build that I currently have, as well as past builds that I might update on, or talk about a learning experience.

Current Builds

#1 - Black Betty

The O.G. build. The one that started it all!

#19 - Daily Driver

My first NB miata, and my current daily driver.

#21 - Luna

Backup Daily Driver, and the next drift car.

#22 - 7.3 Tow Rig

The new tow rig. Well with 430k miles, is it really that new?

Past Builds

#2 - Yamaha XJ600

My first motorcycle.

#3 - Frankenstein

My first Miata, and first engine replacement.

#4 - White Trash

A lesson learned. Never buy a car sight unseen.

#5 - Dodge Dakota

My first truck. Small, but reliable.

#6 - The Red Snaab

A $300 Saab 9-3? What could go wrong? Turns out, not much!

#7 - Rusty BMW e24

A beautiful car, with a lot of rust. 🙁

#8 - Big Red

My 5-speed, 12 valve Cummins that just keeps chugging.

#9 - Christopher's Miata

A Miata that I ended up selling to my brother, Christopher.

#10 - Parts Miata

$500 Miata, pulled the engine and sold the shell. (Hardtop was not included.) Engine is now in Jacob’s Miata!

#11 - Z3 Drift Project

A good idea and a bad idea at the same time.

#15 - Thunderbird Parts Car

Parts for the SpitBird!

#16 - e28 Suspension Donor

Bought for the CA Tuned Coilovers for Black Betty and spare parts.

#17 - The ZHPiece of Junk

The name comes from my initial troubles with the car, but it really was a nice car.

#18 - Red Betty

My $500 BMW e28 Drift Build.

#20 - The Headless Miata

A poor NA miata that came with no head installed.